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Two families, one vision.

NEUKAMP & STADLER . NESTOR . Halbturn was created based on an idea by Günther Neukamp and Thomas Stadler. Both share a passion for wine and a long-standing friendship between their fathers.

NEUKAMP & PARTNER Risk Consulting GmbH

NEUKAMP & PARTNER Risk Consulting GmbH is a specialized management consultancy with demanding customers in the real estate industry, industry, trade, luxury hotels, healthcare, media, security services and in the field of industrial services.

Günther NEUKAMP has family roots in the catering sector and decades of experience and passion for good wine and sophisticated pleasures. NEUKAMP & PARTNER Risk Consulting GmbH deals at NESTOR . NEUKAMP & STADLER . Halbturn with commitment and know-how with the marketing and distribution of the sophisticated wine rarities, operates the online shop and organizes the transport to the front door of our customers NESTOR . NEUKAMP & STADLER . Halbturn .

STADLER winery, Halbturn

In recent years, Josef and Andrea Stadler have developed the STADLER winery in Halbturn into a successful winegrowing business with a 40-hectare cultivation area around Halbturn. The best locations of the winery have been providing the basis for high-quality wines for years.

During the summer months, the STADLER winery in Halbturn opens its Heurigen with classic Burgenland delicacies and the opportunity to taste its range on weekends.

The STADLER, Halbturn winery is traditionally marketed via a wide variety of restaurants in Austria and Germany.

Thomas STADLER took over responsibility for winemaking and vinification a few years ago. In 2018 he started to develop his own style, this style is under the brand of NESTOR. NEUKAMP & STADLER . Halbturn available. Only selected single vineyard wines of the best quality and vintages are used for NESTOR . NEUKAMP & STADLER . Halbturn used.

People and stories

The STADLER family has been associated with Halbturn, the people and stories for generations. Since 2017, the NEUKAMP family has also found a place to live in Halbturn.


Thomas Stadler, winemaker economist

As a former competitive athlete, Thomas impresses with determination and perseverance. In addition to his studies, he always lent a hand in his parents' winery. In addition to his enthusiasm for wine, he draws his inspiration and strength from leisure activities with his family. Decades of experience in viticulture and cellar management, as well as the intensive exchange with top winegrower friends inspire Thomas in the development of his extraordinary single-vineyard wine specialties.


Günther Neukamp, Risk Advisor

Günther looks back on many years as a company and business developer in international and own companies. His current focus is on security and risk consulting for private and public clients. In addition to his professional activities, he appreciates the quality time and enjoying it with his family. Wine tastings, wine fairs and further education on the subject of wine have been a well-cultivated passion for many years.

Halbturn Landkarte

Our growing area Halbturn

Halbturn is located in Burgenland, the sunniest area in Austria, east of Lake Neusiedl not far from the Hungarian border. The southern slope of the Parndorfer Platte, which was formed by Ice Age gravel deposits from the Danube, is called Wagram. Traditionally, there are large vineyards along the Wagram from Neusiedl am See via Gols to Halbturn. The Wagram is only 400 to 1000 meters wide. The southern slopes of the "Weingebirge" Wagram is one of the highest-quality wine-growing areas in the region.

Halbturn and the wine

Halbturn is today part of Burgenland wine-growing region. In the Subregion  Neusiedlersee  a diverse range of varieties are planted on 6.675 ha. The diversity of the terroir of this wine-growing region creates diverse wines of different characteristics.

The area lies in the heart of the Pannonian climate zone. This climate is characterized by hot, dry summers with moderate rainfall and cold winters with little snow. An important factor for the microclimate is the largest steppe lake in Central Europe, Lake Neusiedl.

"Probably the Celts, at least the Romans and Habsburgs, drank wines from the area around Halbturn"

Beautiful moments with our wines and loved ones who enrich and delight our lives and our work again and again...

Romans in Halbturn

The area around Halbturn is considered to be the oldest wine-growing region in Austria. The Celts are said to have cultivated wine on the gently sloping slopes of the Parndorfer Platte. When it was 9 AD. When the Romans took possession of the area, this led to a massive boom in viticulture in the region.

The area around Halbturn was already inhabited in Roman times. During archaeological excavations, a burial ground from the imperial period and a Roman villa were found.

Cistercian monks and wine

Written records begin with the donation by King Andreas II in 1217, which document the viticulture by Cistercian monks in the region from that point in time.

Halbturn and the Imperial House

The first documented mention of Halbturn was in the year 1466. The Hungarian King Ludwig II gave the estate to his wife Maria, the sister of the Habsburg Ferdinand I, as a widow’s estate. In 1526, after the death of Louis II, Maria took over her widow’s seat and stayed in the county until 1528. After Maria’s death, the property returned to the direct administration of the Habsburgs.

In 1711 it was built by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt baroque palace completed and served Emperor Karl Vl. as a hunting lodge.

What others say about us

We do our best to inspire wine lovers, wine experts and wine lovers again and again...


"93 points Cabernet Franc Reserve Ried Kaiserberg 2019 - 1st place in the variety variety category 2019 - 14% alc. Dark ruby garnet, violet reflections, delicate ocher rim lightening. Fresh heart cherries, dark wild berries, underlaid with tobacco and chocolate, an inviting bouquet. Juicy, elegant, fine fruit sweetness, round fir trees, fine acidity, mineral-salty, already very easy to drink."

Falstaff Red Wine Guide 2022

"92 points Ried Lehendorf Chardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese 2018 - 9% alc. Firm and quite deep nose, some smoky oak, nutty and herbaceous notes, partly dried and candied citrus fruit, pomaceous fruit and a hint of peaches, a little candy, yellow spiciness and Firmly woven, very sweet, candied and dried fruit with nutty and smoky notes of wood, caramel, candy and ethereal spice, elegant acidity, handle of mellow tannins, persistent, concentrated and deep, yellow-spicy nuances, some honey and beeswax , salty background, very good, firm finish."

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