Cuvée Nestor

Cuvée NESTOR – Deep wine from the best site wines of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and other varieties from Halbturn from Halbturn (Neusiedlersee / Seewinkel / Burgenland / Austria).

"A slight note of tire introduces the potpourri in an exceedingly inviting manner, suggesting dried fruit, mallow and the noblest balsamic vinegar (30 years plus!). Cranberry and plum crampus show the range - acidic and densely intense fruit are equally present on the palate. The last third is especially attractive - laurel, tapenade and a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs really don't want to end."

about the NESTOR CUVEE 01

Cuvée Nestor 01: the grape varieties

Our cuveé consists of the following grape varieties

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

Merlot grapes in the vineyard




Stands Cuvée NESTOR Wine for NE.ukamp & ST.adler OR.iginal?

NEUKAMP & STADLER Selection – Cabernet Franc – Halbturn – Neusiedlersee – Seewinkel – Burgenland
Special wines get special names, the NESTOR is a great cuvée from Halbturn. A cuvée is by definition a mixture of grandiose wines – like the joint work of Neukamp & Stadler, unique and full-bodied. Grab your largest and thinnest wine glass, swirl this gorgeous cuvée to admire the beautiful streaks, hold the glass up to the light to see the rich color and then it’s time for your nose to take in the bouquet of this cuvée enjoy. Now the time has come: taste your first sip of NESTOR.

Stands Cuvée NESTOR (Cabernet Franc/Merlot/Syrah) Reserve wine for the wise heroes of antiquity?

Those who know stories from antiquity and friends of Homer’s Iliad may be wondering what an elderly, wise and fun-loving king and hero of ancient Greece was doing in Halbturn… well – that speaks for you, because there are some parallels: They are wise and full of joie de vivre, the Neukamp and the Stadler… old people can take comfort in the wine (and it gets better!)… well – and Greece. You got us there. It’s a story from the Seewinkel, the area near Lake Neusiedl… it’s Halbturn. But let’s raise our glasses anyway and because of that: “Yamas! To Nestor!”

Who is this Cuvée NESTOR 01 (Cabernet Franc/Merlot/Syrah) Reserve wine from Seewinkel/halbturn/Lake Neusiedl?

Think of the best, sun-kissed red wines, matured in barriques, cared for, blissfully bottled together in Burgundy bottles, where they spend good, long years and get better and better. That’s what NESTOR stands for: all the wisdom, experience, joy in the good life and a little heroism. Enjoy Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Zweigelt in a balanced and fine composition. You can also store this cuvée well and enjoy it later, NESTOR gains in finesse and is a pleasure. Promised.

What others say about our Cuveé Nestor

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"92 points Cuveé NESTOR 01 Reserve 2019 - Dark ruby garnet, violet reflections, delicate edge lightening. Fine touch of vanilla, a bit of ripe cherries and figs, a hint of red berries, delicate meadow herbs, fresh bouquet. Juicy, elegant, powerful, fruity-sweet with blackberries, dense, sticks very well, a multi-layered food accompaniment."

Falstaff Red Wine Guide 2022

"OUTSTANDING: Firm, slightly smoky, nutty nose with a hint of cedar, ripe black and red berries with a little dried Mediterranean herbs and dried tomatoes. Clear, tart and juicy fruit that has become firm again, with smoky, nutty and some tobacco aromas of oak, too More cedar tones and a hint of coffee grounds, mature, fine sandy tannins, persistent on the palate, controlled power, dried tomatoes and red peppers in the background, also some Mediterranean spice, integrated oak, also has cooling elements, traces of sooty, a hint of pepper, works despite it Youth almost accessible at the moment, quite complex, very good finish."

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