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White wines

" You love Chenin Blanc from the Loire? Pinot Gris discreetly elegant, not too bold and fruity? With less residual sweetness than from Alsace?
Elegant wood and beautiful length?
Then you should try our Pinot Gris Ried Lehendorf".

NESTOR white wines
Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Burgundy Cuvee Heideboden White / Halbturn Blanc

Red wines

"Depending on the vintage, our single varietal Cabernet Franc Ried Kaiserberg ranges between Bordeaux style (meaning less pronounced fruit) and typical Cabernet Franc from the Loir (meaning more red berry flavor). Always elegant and precise a reflection of our terroir".

NESTOR red wines
Cabernet Franc, Cuvée Nestor, Burgundy Cuvee Heideboden Red / Halbturn Rouge

NESTOR Fine Wines

NESTOR Easy Drinking

NESTOR Zweigelt Spezialität

Orange wine

"Our orange wines, live only from what nature gives us. 2-3 weeks on the mash, then 6 months in barrique barrels and then without additives, stabilized by the yeast into the bottle".

NESTOR orange wine
Yellow Muscat (unfiltered, untreated, unsulfured)

Sweet wine

"The sweet wines from the Neusiedlersee wine region are legendary. We produce in special years our Trockenbeerenauslese, seductive conclusion and perfect foodairing partner for dessert".

NESTOR Trockenbeerenauslese
Chardonnay TBA


Our selected single vineyards (Rieden) are located around the municipality of Halbturn in the north-east of the Neusiedlersee wine-growing region, on the Wagram rather unknown wine mountain range, which stretches from Neusiedl am See to Halbturn. "The Wagram is the southern steep slope of the Parndorfer Platte. The Parndorfer Platte is a gravel surface that was heaped up by the Danube about two million years ago and the Neusiedler Basin then sank about 13,000 years ago - this is how the Wagram came into being" (quote: geographer Ulrike Lercher).
The wine-growing region of Lake Neusiedl (6,239 hectares) stretches from Neusiedl over the hills of the wine town of Gols and the flat Heideboden to the Seewinkel.

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Selected single vineyard Ried Kaiserberg

Selected single vineyard Ried Kaiserberg, Halbturn / Neusiedlersee

The Selected single vineyard Ried Kaiserberg vineyard is one of the oldest and best-known vineyards in Halbturn. This selected single vineyard stretches westwards from the park of Halbturn Castle.

"The selected single vineyard Ried Kaiserberg was first mentioned in a document as early as 1669 and is therefore the oldest continuously planted selected single vineyard in the area.
The wind-open, southeast-facing slope is characterized by silty-clayey to loamy deposits with some sandy inclusions. The soils are deep and very calcareous. "(AWM Riedenkarte)

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Selected single vineyard Ried Lehendorf

Seleced single vineyard Ried Lehendorf, Halbturn / Neusiedlersee

The longest vineyards can be found in the selected single vineyard Ried Lehendorf site.

"Lehendorf was the name of a deserted settlement that was abandoned in the late Middle Ages. It lies to the east of the municipality and is particularly known for its long vineyards (up to 1km). There are both warm gravelly soils, but also loam and black earth to be found. As a result, ideal conditions are found here for the region's leading variety, Blauer Zweigelt, as well as for Pinot Noir. Due to the structure of the soil, Sauvignon Blancs, Burgundy varieties and the Gelber Muskateller also thrive in the selected single vineyard Ried Lehendorf. " (AWM Riedenkarte)

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Selected single vineyard Ried Römerstein

Selected single vineyard Ried Römerstein (formerly Ried Waldacker)
Halbturn / Neusiedlersee

Where a Roman villa once stood, you can now see windmills to the east.

The selected single vineyard Ried Römerstein (formerly selected single vineyard Ried Waldacker) is located in the east of the municipality of Halbturn.
The southeast-facing slope, like the selected single vineyard Kaiserberg, is characterized by silty-clayey to loamy deposits with some sandy inclusions.
The soils are deep and very calcareous.

Location Ried Grannawitzl

Location Ried Grannawitzl, Halbturn / Lake Neusiedl

Home of our oldest Zweigelt vineyard.
The name of the vineyard comes from the Middle High German term "kranewite" for the juniper bush. The Riede is located at the eastern end of the Parndorfer Platte, near the border with Hungary. The slope is oriented towards Lake Neusiedl. Soil composition ranges from calcareous steppe black earth and loess, to low-calcareous brown earth and red gravel. The vineyard is ideal for the production of Chardonnay and Zweigelt.

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"93 points Cabernet Franc Reserve Ried Kaiserberg 2019 - 1st place in the variety variety category 2019 - 14% alc. Dark ruby garnet, violet reflections, delicate ocher rim lightening. Fresh heart cherries, dark wild berries, underlaid with tobacco and chocolate, an inviting bouquet. Juicy, elegant, fine fruit sweetness, round fir trees, fine acidity, mineral-salty, already very easy to drink."

Falstaff Red Wine Guide 2022

"92 points Ried Lehendorf Chardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese 2018 - 9% alc. Firm and quite deep nose, some smoky oak, nutty and herbaceous notes, partly dried and candied citrus fruit, pomaceous fruit and a hint of peaches, a little candy, yellow spiciness and Firmly woven, very sweet, candied and dried fruit with nutty and smoky notes of wood, caramel, candy and ethereal spice, elegant acidity, handle of mellow tannins, persistent, concentrated and deep, yellow-spicy nuances, some honey and beeswax , salty background, very good, firm finish."

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